Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Putri Indonesia 2009

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_wARh5V89dBw/SuqCgw8ZaOI/AAAAAAAAAMM/Ob5WtfnIx3A/s320/qory_sandioriva.jpg<br />

Putri Indonesia 2009, Qory Sandioriva, exciting show on the internet. There are 29 photos Qory Sandioriva with various poses from the school, became Paskibra, at a party, and pose exciting.

The photos were posted the initials Andrew talaga, Monday (19/10).
When Indonesia was elected to the Electoral Princess Puteri Indonesia (PPI) in 2009 in Ancol, Jakarta, Saturday (10/10) Qory Sandioriva figure was caused controversy.

The girl was born in Jakarta, August 17, 1991 which represents the region of Aceh was not wearing the hijab. Even Secretary of Ulama opposed Dayah Aceh (HUDA), Tgk. Faisal Aly.

Party Committee Putri Indonesia (PPI) claims not to know the circulation of the photographs Qory in cyberspace.

"I can not comment. Because not see the picture immediately. The photo was genuine or not and what is the purpose of posting photos Qory, "said Mega Space, Public Relations Miss Indonesia Foundation (YPI). Inin following photographs before Qory Sandioriva contest Miss Indonesia 2009